Carmen and Tim Ballering


Introduction to the owners of Studio 611,LLC Carmen and Tim Ballering.

We immediately fell in love with the Gary Allen Dance. It is a wonderful, classical property directly across for one of the great Milwaukee landmarks, the Mitchell Domes. We made an offer the day after it was listed for sale and closed the purchase three weeks later. Since then we have put extensive work into bringing the property back to its former glory. If you haven’t been here in a while, we think you will be impressed with the improvements.

We found the Studio to be a complementary match for Balloons Milwaukee and the Event Decorating Academy, our event decorating school that specializes in weddings, corporate and private parties as well as other special events. Balloons Milwaukee specializes in award winning balloon décor, which has evolved over my sixteen years in the industry.

We are now able to offer dance lessons to our clients as part of their wedding or other special event package. This benefits our clients as well as the dance teachers who work at Studio 611.

Balloons Milwaukee advertises extensively in bridal magazines, by direct mail and attends major regional bridal shows. All of this will helps us bring new students to Studio 611.

My husband Tim Ballering has been a full time real estate investor for over 30 years and is the owner of Affordable Rental Associates, LLC.

We are looking forward on seen you in our classes.

Hope to see you there,
Carmen and Tim Ballering